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Magna Farinho

... because I actually care

Optimize Your Money!

Allow me to begin…

…by presenting to you my extensive financial service background.

I began my career about 18 years ago in the Canadian Chartered banking industry in the consumer lending and mortgage fields.

I was very fortunate in building strong and solid relationships with real estate brokers and lawyers as well as with my peers in numerous financial institutions.

These coupled with my experience and expertise in this field afforded me the opportunity to establish myself as an independent mortgage agent.

My vast portfolio is comprised of repeat business from satisfied clients as well as referrals from their friends and relatives.

I look forward to serving you in the near future; please feel free to send me your application for a free assessment and consultation.

Mortgage Agent Level 1

License # 10680
10-215 Wertheim Court
Richmond Hill ON L4B 3H7